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We are at the 2022 Interlift Elevator Fair.

30 Apr 2022
We are at the 2022 Interlift Elevator Fair.

Poltime Participated in 2022 Interlift Elevator Fair.

The 2022 Interlift Elevator Fair, held in Augsburg, Germany this year, was held with the participation of many companies and industry professionals from the elevator industry. Poltime also took part in this year's fair and exhibited its latest technological solutions.

Poltime introduced its new products offering comfortable, safe and energy efficient elevator solutions at the fair. Our company is constantly improving its design and production process in order to provide the best service to its customers and meet their needs.

At the fair, Poltime officials communicated directly with their customers and received information about their needs. During the fair, the company's booth was visited by many visitors and they learned about the latest technological solutions.

Poltime representative, in the statement made after the fair, said, "The Interlift Elevator Exhibition is one of the most important events in the elevator industry and we attend it every year. At this year's exhibition, we introduced our solutions to our customers and got information about their needs. We always aim to provide the best service to our customers. We aim at fairs and fairs are platforms that offer us the opportunity to achieve this goal." said.

The 2022 Interlift Elevator Exhibition is an important event that creates opportunities for companies in the elevator industry and facilitates communication between industry professionals, and as Poltime, we are proud of the success we achieved at the exhibition."

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