Lifting Technology for Disabled People

Disabled Elevators

With the pride of being the first and only in Turkey, you can move from one floor to another with elegance and comfort with the Poltime duplex elevator in your two-storey home.

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Lifting Technology for Disabled People

Home Disabled Platform Lifts

It is a model designed to make your home look perfect and to enjoy your elevator every day.

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Dublex Elevator Villa Type, Open Type Disabled Platform, Cabin Type Disabled Platform, Closed Type Disabled Elevator, Stair Type Disabled Platform, Horizontal Disabled Elevator

Disabled Elevators

Poltime duplex elevator is suitable in your two floor house, you can travel easily and comfortable from ground floor to up floor or vice versa. Unlike a traditional elevator, it is a compact product and does not require significant structural changes at the place of installation, Thus it can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Load Platforms, Load Elevators, Hydraulic Load Elevator, Hydraulic Load Platform

Load Platforms

Load lifts are types of vertical lifts that are used to move goods and materials between different levels of a building. These lifts are designed to carry heavy loads, making them ideal for use in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and warehousing.


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About Poltime
Lifting Technology for Disabled People

POLTİME Founded in 1994, Mehmet Konsan Makina İmalat San. And Tic. Ltd. Ltd.Şti. in 2014 is the trademark registration. With the brand POLTİME manufactures 5000 m² in the factory.

With its expert staff consisting of machinery, electrical-electronic engineers and technicians design, manufacture and install lift and disabled systems and provide services related to these systems.

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We first make the project of the area to be installed and present it to you.


We carry out production in our factory with our expert teammates.


We carefully install it without sacrificing quality.


We prioritize customer satisfaction with our after-sales support.

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