Disabled Elevators

Disabled Pool Lifts

Disabled Pool Lift, Portable Pool Lift, Portable Disabled Pool Elevator

It is the most advanced system for pool accessibility. It is not mounted on a fixed point, but allows the disabled person to come from the locker room to the edge of the pool with a companion and enter the pool without the need for a transfer.

A disabled pool lift is a type of disabled lift designed to assist people with disabilities or mobility problems in accessing a swimming pool. It is a special type of elevator that can be used both inside and outside the pool, allowing disabled individuals to enter the water and enjoy water activities in a safe and comfortable way.

These lifts come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, including hydraulic, battery-operated, and manual options, and are often made from durable, rust-resistant materials.

It is equipped with features such as adjustable seat, footrest and seat belt to ensure the safety and comfort of the user.

Disabled Pool Lift, Portable Pool Lift, Portable Disabled Pool Elevator

Technıcal Spesıfıcatıons

Technicial Specifications


Carrying Capacity 110 kg
Max. Length 1150mm
Launch Time 23 seconds
Drain Time 17 seconds
Item Weight 120 kg
Chassis Electro Galvanized Steel FE510 180o Powder Coating Coating
Power 24 V Battery (It can do about 40 times of downloading and lifting with a fully charged battery)
Voltage 12V
Security Emergency Hand Pump, Safety system that prevents the Lift from moving excessively towards the Water
Seat Belt Yes
Warranty 2 Years

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Disabled pool lifts, portable pool lifts, and portable disabled pool lifts help disabled individuals enjoy swimming pools. You can get detailed information about portable disabled pool lift prices from our company.

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