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We Participated in 2022 Algeria Fair.

31 May 2022
We Participated in 2022 Algeria Fair.

ALGERIA Elevator Fair was held on 27-29 May 2022 and was visited by many companies and industry professionals. Poltime explained the importance of disabled elevators and how they make life easier, and introduced the disabled elevators they exhibited at the fair.

Poltime has been designed to provide solutions that meet the needs of its customers, and for this reason, it has given importance to the safe, comfortable and easy-to-use features of disabled lifts. At the fair, detailed features and benefits of disabled lifts were explained, and it managed to attract the attention of customers.

In the statement made after the fair, Poltime representative said, "Handicapped lifts are designed to make life easier for the disabled, and therefore, it is important to explain the importance and benefits of disabled lifts to our customers in order to attract their attention. said.

ALGERIA Lift Fair is a platform that creates opportunities for companies in the sector, and as Poltime, we hope that the disabled lifts we exhibit at the fair will be beneficial to our customers and meet their needs."

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