Disabled Elevators

Staircases Type Wheelchair Disabled Platform Lifts

Platform Type Disabled Lift, Platform Type Stair Elevator, Staircases Type Wheelchair Lift Platform

A Staircases Type Wheelchair Disabled Platform Lifts is a specialized lift system that is designed to provide accessibility for people with disabilities.

This type of lift is typically installed in commercial buildings, public spaces, and homes to help individuals who have mobility issues reach different levels of a building or navigate around obstacles. The platform type disabled lift operates by moving a platform or a chair up and down between floors, providing a safe and reliable solution for people with disabilities. These lifts are often equipped with safety features, such as automatic brakes, and are designed to meet local building codes and accessibility standards.

They are also available in a range of sizes, from compact models that are ideal for smaller spaces to larger lifts that can accommodate a wheelchair and a carer.

Another benefit of platform type disabled lifts is their ease of use. They typically feature simple controls that allow the user to safely operate the lift, and they often come with a remote control for added convenience.

Platform Type Disabled Lift, Platform Type Stair Elevator, Staircases Type Wheelchair Lift Platform


Application Straight and Turning Stairs / Indoor And Outdoor
Drive Type Gear System-Rope System
Carrying Capacity 225-300kg
Running Speed 0.07 / 0.13 m/s
Platform Size 850 x 1050 mm / (custom size)
Rail System Special Slide System
Outputable Slope 45 degrees
Call Button Remote Control / Wall Mount
Charging Points Automatic Charging at Stations
Security System Safety Levers-Crush and Impact Preventing Contact Switches
Main Power Requirement 230 V AC – 50hz – Single Phase

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Platform type disabled elevators, disabled platform elevators, and platform type stair elevators are specially designed elevators that can be easily used by disabled individuals with wheelchairs.

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