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Food Dumbwaiter Lifts

Food Elevator, Kitchen Service Elevator, Food Service Elevator, Food Dumbwaiter Lifts

The quickest way to send your meal without it going cold.

Mounting elevators (food dumbwaiter elevators) are mostly used for trays, tray trolleys, plates, glasses, etc. determined by international standards. They are elevators with a cabin that people cannot enter, designed to carry small loads of size and shape.

They have different carrying capacities from 50 kg to 300 kg. Generally, guillotine type doors are used.

Scope of application; Hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers; It is used to carry loads such as food, files, shopping baskets, laundry trolleys. Our products are CE Certified in accordance with TS EN 81-41 and 2006/42/EC Machinery Safety Directives.

Food Elevator, Kitchen Service Elevator, Food Service Elevator, Food Dumbwaiter Lifts

Technıcal Spesıfıcatıons

Technicial Specifications


Product Information Dumbwaiter technical specification (En)
Number Of Stop Min. 2 stops (Diagonal) Max. 13 stops (Diagonal)
Pit Depth Minimum 1200 mm Maximum 46000 mm
Speed Minimum 0,07 Mt/Sn Maximum 0,40 Mt/Sn
Carrying Capacity Minimum 150 Kg Maximum 250 Kg
Cabin İnner Size Minimum 300x300 mm Maximum 1200x1200 mm
Platform Outer Size Minimum 650X550 mm Maximum 1550x1450 mm
Cabin Feature 304 quality stainless steel
Platform Floor Covering Stainless Steel
Motor Minimum Bonfiglioli (0,75 Kw – 380 Volt)
Maximum Bonfiglioli (1,50 Kw – 380 Volt)
Control Panel Arkel ARL 100
Drive System Hoist Drum
Counter Weighted
Side Weighted
Floor Call Buttons Buton
Steel Structure Yes
Steel Structure Coating Galvanized
Well Coating Material No
Main Power Requirement 380 Volt AC, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Floor Door Minimum 300x300 mm Giyotin Stainless Steel / Manual
Maximum 1200x1200 mm Giyotin Stainless Steel / Manual
Rail 50x50x5
Steel Rope 6.5 mm Steel

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To increase the efficiency of food service and reduce the workload of staff in restaurants, kitchen service elevators, food service elevators, and food elevators can be used. You can get information about food service elevator prices and food elevator prices from our company that manufactures food elevators.

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